Thursday, 10 March 2016


A story undefined ,
Sometimes sitting beneath a tree,on a bench,on the hill side,on a chair,just one thing usually came up  in my mind, one quest was there,one question i was looking for, what am i going too do in life,where i am looking myself years after from now on, basic conclusion which i came upon after thinking hours is just that LIFE IS STRUGGLE and i am gonna face it, a life with lots of struggle,lots of problems,complications,mess is the only thing which i am going too find ,and after that just thinking am i ready too face it or not,the answer for me at that time was undefined,but was given truely. while thinking,i came upon the conclusion. In todays world too reach HEIGHTS, who havent faced problems. turn up the pages of ,newspapers,magzines,autobiographeis, i went through them all,beside in every field,not a single fame person, a legend ,who came up and made a living without facing struggle in their time in their life, I got my first answer that life is itself the name of struggle, if a person wants too live a life,and want too come upon one thing thats STRUGGLE than he has too have a dream,goal,motive behind him,he himself should be in it,no one can inspire a person too come up ,in the game of life but the person himself,i started linking up,started joining up the answers,and i made myself up with one and at that time just one thing came up in my mind and that was,I want too be a inspiration and I want a hard and struggled life,i never prayed after that too god to remove the obstacles,complications,problems or asked GOD for a easy life,but i just asked him the power too face it,because the basic rule of life is too live,and if i have asked god at that time that please dont give any problems,difficulties,trouble,than during that period i would be satisfied BUT i would be without a story, my aim that of being a inspiration would itself be a story undefined,being a inspiration for someone is a hardluck, for me at this time, just one thing i know that is i need problems thousands of complications,and i need myself with the blessings of god ,my dad,mom, my family...too fulfill up my dream of being a inspiration... what may happen in the future no one knows but i have a motive and that is too inspire, i was inspired by lots of people,by their stories,their plots,but its time for me too be a inspiration not because i want too win the game of life ,but too be someone"s inspiration i want just a basic thing in my life that is a hard and a harsh STRUGGLE.